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Meet Jenn, the Owner

Jenn is the visionary founder and CEO of Elite Assistant & Beyond. With a rich background in Executive Assistance, Jenn brings over a decade of experience to her role. Having served as an Executive Assistant for a major timeshare company, she supported key executives, including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Vice President of Total Rewards.

Before stepping into the world of EA, Jenn spent several years as an Event Planner, organizing a diverse range of events from corporate functions to weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business Administration, Jenn is known for her ambition, attention to detail, dependability, self-starter, loyalty, and determination.

In 2020, Jenn founded Elite Assistant & Beyond, a virtual assistant company that has since been dedicated to helping business owners in the health and wellness, food, and wedding industries. Jenn's passion for assisting others, coupled with her love for event planning, has not only shaped her professional journey but also provided her the flexibility to prioritize family, making Elite Assistant & Beyond a perfect blend of expertise and personal commitment.

Why Hire An Online Business Manager



The expense to hire and support a full-time employee can be costly to your business.

  • The base salary of a full-time Executive Assistant ranges from $35k to $70k per year.

  • Benefits packages, including tax and insurance, can range from 25-40% of their base salary. 

  • Overhead cost, to include office space, supplies and equipment, can add to those costs. 

Productivity and Flexibility

Your business will see an increase in productivity and flexibility.

  • OBM’s work differently than full-time employees. Distractions are cut out and the focus is on getting the tasks at hand completed. 

  • OBM’s work around your schedule, so you are not dependent on an employee that works your standard 9-5 hours.



You can get time back in your schedule to focus your agenda on the growth and succession of your business.

  • OBM’s can manage the busy day-to-day tasks for your business. 

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